Book of Poems: Morning Calm published

Very pleased to announce the publication of my new book of poems MORNING CALM (poems from and inspired by East Asia, especially South Korea). Now available on Amazon and B & N. If you are interested in a signed copy, send an email to:

Available on both Amazon

and Barnes & Noble


“Remember the Starving Armenians” – text & audio at Poetry X Hunger

Very pleased my poem “Remember the Starving Armenians” from my book Time is Not a River (available on Amazon) is up at the Poetry X Hunger website in both text form and as an audio file:

click here:

Thanks for looking (and listening)!

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Open Mic of the Air #2

Thanks to Charlie Rossiter of Poetry Spoken Here for including me in the podcast Open Mic of the Air (April 2, 2020) where I read “The Cut Above the Heart” from my poetry collection Time is Not a River, now available on Amazon. I am the second reader in this podcast (around the 3 minute mark): Open Mic of the Air

Thanks for listening. If you like this poem and want to read more of my work, pick up a copy of Time is Not a River on Amazon:

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Around the Bend photography chapbook back online

Praxis Magazine Online site is back online! You can access my Photography Chapbook Around the Bend here:  

From the preface: “I sought out the abandoned, the rusted, the ruins, the outmoded and outdated, the discarded and forgotten. I liked to imagine I was an archeologist who had stumbled on a lost civilization. These were artifacts from the past….Some still exist, but all represent a past, an archeological remnant of American civilization before the digital age.”

Don’t miss the poem at the end!

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2 poems up at Poetry Super Highway

Thanks to editor, Rick Lupert, for posting two of my poems “Craters on the Moon” and “Staying Put” on Poetry Super Highway. Click here to see the poems

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Check out my full-length poetry collection Time is Not a River now available on Amazon!

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