Poem published in Poetry Quarterly

Thanks to the editors for publishing my poem “Counting Words” in the Fall 2016 issue of Poetry Quarterly.

Here is the poem:


Driving past the Alamo
yesterday, you counted
the people in the square
huddled around the entrance.

The mission shone white
in the glare of the sun,
and I counted the bullet
holes in the façade,
black spots against
the reflected stone:
wounds that would not heal.

Later that night,
you counted the stars
in the night sky
while we searched
for the right words;
I counted heartbeats,
first yours, then mine.

In the distance, a train
whistle blew, counting
the miles between
words and the wind
and then you were gone.

© Michael Minassian 2016


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“I’ll call for pen and ink and write my mind.”
–William Shakespeare, Henry VI Part I, Act V Scene iii


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